The Police Probationer

To The Probationer

From the old sweat


As you sit there and call me the dinosaur, the old man, dead weight, drunk, addict or useless know this:

I’ve been where you are and I’ve thought that I could change the world, rid it of violence, hate, guns, gangs, drugs and evil. I’ve rolled on the floors with what society deems to be the lowlifes. I’ve seen the bodies and walked amongst the dead. I have looked pure evil in the eyes and seen the destruction that people do to each other. The grime and crime.

I’ve felt the adrenaline after catching that “bad guy” or figuring out “who did it”. I’ve put my life in jeopardy without once thinking I was the good guy or hero. I did it because it needed to be done.

I’ve given my blood sweat and far too many tears to the job. I’ve been on that roller coaster and ridden it to the end.

I’ve looked for the slap on the back in a profession where there is no glory. Where you are judged for every action by your peers, your bosses, the public, the press and people who have absolutely no idea. Where people see you on their worst days. Or on their last day on this earth. Where your expected to be at your best… even on your worst day. Where your mistakes and decisions can be costly, even life changing or ending.

Sad Police Probationer

Remember when you come near the end of your career, and your sitting there with bad knees, high cholesterol, bad heart, aches and pains, scars and bumps. Remember when you are going to therapy for PTSD, depression or any other mental health and anger issues. Remember the failed marriages, being estranged from friends or family, seeing the bodies in your sleep, if you can sleep, the drinking or resorting to medication to numb yourself…

When you become the dinosaur, remember this. I won’t be here saying I told you so. I’ll be here saying I can help.

Because I know exactly what your going through, because I’ve been there… I am there for you.

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